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Beast Keeps It Real: American innovation is alive and well here at the Beast. Beast Carbon Fiber – Fiercely Rugged.  Fiercely Made in the USA.


American innovation is alive and well here at the Beast. It’s part of our core and culture that drives us. We pursue it daily.

Beast Carbon was founded with the mission of being the low-cost manufacturer of high quality carbon fiber reinforced products. As a Cincinnati, Ohio company located in the heart of the industrial belt, we are committed to US manufacturing due to the advantages we believe exists here at home.  We will maintain this advantage by being able to respond quickly to create new products for our customers. We believe that America is on the brink of technology advancements that will make carbon fiber parts available as a new and affordable option to conventional less rugged materials being used today.

Through our continuous development of cutting-edge manufacturing technology, we want to radically change how carbon fiber products will be produced now and in the future. The result is the ability to deliver quality carbon fiber products to you at the same cost of inferior off-shore made plastic carbon fiber imitators that simply won’t hold up to your rugged lifestyle.

Beast Carbon – Fiercely Rugged.  Fiercely Made in the USA.