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5 Easy Steps to Install Beast Carbon Fiber for Truck & Jeep

Wind window down and trial fit the guard to the door frame.  Use a ruler and measure (2 9/16”)  from the rear edge of door to visor.  Align the top of guard (1 3/16”) down from top edge of door frame.  Note the areas for tape attachment.
Clean area to be taped on door frame with the alcohol prep pads provided. Do not use petroleum solvents to clean.
Peel back approx. (2”) of the protective tape liner on tape backing from each of the sections and fold back liner.  DO NOT TOUCH EXPOSED TAPE AREA. Carefully position visor on the door frame to locations previously measured.
Slowly peel remaining protective tape by pulling back liner, firmly apply pressure to guard area attached to frame.
Use a clean, soft cloth and firmly rub area over attached area several times to ensure good adhesion of tape to door frame.


∙ Wash area  with  car  wash detergent and spray with water to remove any loose dirt. Dry with clean soft cloth.
∙ Do not use petroleum solvents.
∙ Do not drive for at least 4 hours.